Simulation of Tomasulo Algorithm

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Python Multi Processing

I have developed a basic Python Library to provide abstraction to parallel programming. This library is based on in built-in library multiprocessing in python and 3rd party library ray. In this blog post I will explain in details about the implementations in addition to existing documentations.

Distributed Search

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Which is the best multi-attribute sorting for python Array?


DengAI Predicting Disease Spread (A Tale of Two cities)

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Ceu Language

Ceu is a pretty cool language that was developed around 2014 by a research team in Lablua. This language develop mainly to reduce the time delay caused by libraries used in Arduino based on the polling systems.[POLLING is repeated asking something from the system until the particular task is achieved or the system gets stop based on the criteria]. Most of the real-time systems are developed in the sense of polling. But actually, it will cost on time and heat wastages.

Updating Driver for Wifi Adapter in Ubuntu

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Verilog Basics

Verilog was used to resolve the complexity of handling gate-level representation. This was first released as a proprietary language in 1985 and later it becomes publically available under IEEE standards.

Short Semester 6

Generally, we have a semester of 21 to 23 weeks, but this semester contains only 8 weeks, 6 weeks out of 8 weeks are lectures. Rest 2 weeks are dedicated for revision and exams. I have choose around 4 subjects in this semester.

WSO2 Internship - VI

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