WSO2 Internship - II

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In this series of posts, I provide some key points and Ideas that I report to my university during my internship. I arrange these posts as a set of reports, where each report provides the summary of tasks I have done during those four weeks of my training and the experience I gained during that period. This post is the second post in the series of posts about my internship @WSO2.

These four weeks are just another new step; in this phase, I mainly deal with two concepts: Configuring HL7 Transport with WSO2 Products Namely BAM – Business Activity Monitor and DAS – Data Analytic Server. I have already written enough about Configuring HL7 Transport in my blog post. The second is comparing existing Monitoring Solutions; I referred to a few monitoring solutions and compared them with BAM. Actually, In BAM, by deploying an HL7 toolbox, we can do HL7 monitoring through BAM’s Message Console Dashboard.

Check out these links for things I have done during these four weeks,

  1. Configuring HL7 in WSO2 DAS - This is related to the first stuff; this explains how I spend my first three weeks configuring the HL7
  2. HL7v3 vs. FHIR is not relevant but essential additional research on second stuff, to get clarity over hl7v2,v3, and FHIR.