Installing a Developing Feature

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The content did not fully belong to me, I just do some value addition to reference by explaining my project scenario with this. For clear understanding and deep learning go through references.

Carbon Features are set of Features which was developed for the support of WSO2 Products, these are installed by default or manually. For manually installing those features we need to locate the location of repositories where those features are located. There is a common location available for all repositories in online, you just need to specify those repositories based on the carbon version of your product. This is for the people who want to access the features to do things.

So in my project perspective, I need to improve the “HL7 Feature” which currently under development. For this,

  1. First clone the repository containing the feature. For me it is carbon-meditation.
  2. Go to the component of the relevant feature.For me it is carbon-mediation/components/business-adapters/ hl7/ - ( Actually only this part of the main component is modifying so I need to build it only, but it is better to build hl7 in case if we you modifying other or not). Build the HL7 “component”; component contains basic sources for the feature, about how it works and implementation, but features are consisting of several subparts that are bundle separately when building this only.
  3. Then build feature. this will make a bundle with full feature combined with necessary dependencies additional to bundle and make the feature finalized. For my case it is in carbon-mediation/features/business-adapters/org.wso2.carbon.hl7.feature/


When building COMPONENT and FEATURE, it will generate a zip file in the target of feature which is actually bundling the whole feature with necessary dependencies and configuration files. Based on features we need to unzip the zip file and add contents to the working server. In my case, it doesn’t contain any config file so I just unzip and copy the jar files to the /repository/components/dropins/ and restart the relevant server. It will use the feature which is stored in dropins by doing necessary actions. Actually, for my case, it will copy those jars to /repository/components/plugins/, but in case if any configuration found. It will do that also. By doing this we can test the system.

[this is based on Inosh Goonerwardana’s Mentoring]


For my project perspective, when building COMPONENT and FEATURE, It will make the HL7 feature available at /home/user/.m2/repositories/ (the place where all installed repositories installed, and this is the place where maven lookup in search of repositories.).Like this based on your feature, you build the necessary part and make it available at /home/user/.m2/repositories/.

To make this accessible by desired feature installing system in Management console we need to add the particular SNAPSHOT version/latest version of the required feature using the tag in the carbon-feature repository and build it. When building it will add the SNAPSHOT/latest version of the feature to p2-repo. Then by using local repositories, we can install features 1.