Short Semester 6

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Generally, we have a semester of 21 to 23 weeks, but this semester contains only 8 weeks, 6 weeks out of 8 weeks are lectures. Rest 2 weeks are dedicated for revision and exams. I have choose around 4 subjects in this semester.

I choose digital photography as a humanity subject. It was filled with lectures with presentation and photo describing; practicals of photoshoots during the weekends. It was a quite interesting subject and I was able to understand the basic of photography skills and how to take a photograph :P.

Next I choose Formal Methods in Software Engineering. A subject I loved most in this semester. It explains about formally specify systems especially safety-critical systems, also do formal analysis (proofing the specification) to the validity of the system.

Then the next choice was Human Computer Interaction it takes about how to define UI which matches with ensure better user experience. It is also a quite interesting subject.

With these three interesting subjects, I also take research and report writing and professional practice which are compulsory for us.