Ceu Language

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Ceu is a pretty cool language that was developed around 2014 by a research team in Lablua. This language develop mainly to reduce the time delay caused by libraries used in Arduino based on the polling systems.[POLLING is repeated asking something from the system until the particular task is achieved or the system gets stop based on the criteria]. Most of the real-time systems are developed in the sense of polling. But actually, it will cost on time and heat wastages.

This Ceu language was used to make an Arduino binding through Ceu-Arduino, which helps us resolve those errors by its functionalities. Those functionalities are below listed.

  • Awaiting events in the direct/sequential style.
  • Parallel lines of execution with
  • safe abortion.
  • deterministic behavior (in contrast with threads).
  • Asynchronous loops for heavy computations.
  • Interrupt-driven operation mode (optional and experimental).
  • Seamless integration with standard Arduino


  1. https://github.com/fsantanna/ceu-arduino